Running the Dingle Half Marathon

Posted By Carla Neggers

September 3, 2017

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I have my feet up, a spa appointment tomorrow, writing organized for the next few days and a great feeling about yesterday’s half-marathon in Dingle on the southwest Irish coast. Truth be told, I almost bailed before the race even started. The weather forecast was lousy with heavy rain and wind with gusts over 40 mph moving in during the run. Gulp. I had all my “cons” lined up in my head as I walked down to the start line, but the gathering runners — men and women of all ages, sizes and abilities — were a boost of confidence. I got line and next thing I was running up picturesque Slea Head with about 3000 enthusiastic runners.

The wind and rain did move in, and¬†got worse as the run continued. Some of the gusts were difficult for me to navigate. Up on a cliffside above the ocean isn’t the time to turn into a kite! I managed without incident, and after 13.1 miles, I crossed the finish line, soaked to the skin and feeling great. Many of my fellow runners had a pint at the pub at the finish line. Festive atmosphere for sure! I grabbed a banana and boarded one of the pre-arranged buses to take runners back to Dingle. Joe met me, and we enjoyed an early dinner at John Benny Moriarty’s pub.

The race couldn’t have been better organized, and even out on this remote-feeling course, I felt as if I was in good hands should I get in trouble. I love running with my daughter, Kate, as I did my previous two half-marathons, but everyone I met yesterday as a solo runner was incredibly welcoming and friendly.

Kate, who writes as part of her profession as a historian, and I have noted how running helps us with our writing, even if we’re not consciously thinking about it. That’s a topic for another day, but in yesterday’s wind and rain, I did manage to¬†organize a certain troublesome section of Impostor’s Lure, next up in my Sharpe & Donovan series.

I almost didn’t run yesterday, but I’m glad I did. As my mother often says, there are days we have to put our doubts aside and just start.