The Great Bookmark Giveaway

Do you love bookmarks? Carla does, and now she’s making her “secret” stash of bookmarks available to readers, along with a brand-new bookmark created for Impostor’s Lure, with the paperback of Thief’s Mark on the back.

Recently Carla discovered a cache of bookmarks in her storage room featuring a number of her books, including The Widow, The Angel, The Mist, The Whisper, Cold Pursuit, Cold River, Cold Dawn and the first books in her two current series, Secrets of the Lost Summer (Swift River Valley) and Saint’s Gate (Sharpe & Donovan). They’re in mint condition. Says Carla: “My first thought was to give them to readers who love a good bookmark as much as I do!”

To get an Impostor’s Lure bookmark and a selection of Carla’s “vintage” bookmarks, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SASE) to:

Carla Neggers (Bookmarks)
PO Box 826
Quechee VT 05059

We’ll take care of the rest! And if you’d like bookmarks for your book club, let us know how many and we will get them off to you.

While supplies last or by September 1, 2018!