Click here for a printable list of all Carla’s books. Please check the below to learn more and order. Note that some titles are hard to find but we will keep you up to date when any are newly available in print, eBook or audio.


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Impostor’s Lure

Sharpe & Donovan (Book 8)

Sharpe & Donovan Vol. 2

Sharpe & Donovan

Thief’s Mark

Sharpe & Donovan (Book 7)

The Carriage House Box Set

The Carriage House

Small-Town Romance Box Set

Swift River Valley

The River House

A Swift River Valley Novel (#8)

Sharpe & Donovan Vol. 1

Sharpe & Donovan

Swift River Valley Vol. 2

Swift River Valley

Swift River Valley Vol. 1

Swift River Valley

Red Clover Inn

A Swift River Valley Novel (#7)

The Uneven Score

A classic e-book reissue

A Knights Bridge Christmas

A Swift River Valley Novel (#5)

The Knotted Skein

A classic e-book reissue

Liar’s Key

A Sharpe & Donovan Novel (#6)

The Venus Shoe

A Classic eBook reissue

Secret Hideaway

eNovella plus two bonus stories

Spring at Moss Hill

A Swift River Valley Novel (#6)

Keeper’s Reach

A Sharpe & Donovan Novel (#5)

Echo Lake

A Swift River Valley Novel (#4)

Christmas at Carriage Hill

A Swift River Valley Novella 

Harbor Island

A Sharpe & Donovan Novel (#4)

Cider Brook

A Swift River Valley Novel (#3)

Declan’s Cross

A Sharpe & Donovan Novel (#3)

That Night on Thistle Lane

A Swift River Valley Novel (#2)

Heron’s Cove

A Sharpe & Donovan Novel (#2)

Secrets of the Lost Summer

A Swift River Valley Novel (#1)

Saint’s Gate

A Sharpe & Donovan Novel (#1)

Rock Point

A Sharpe & Donovan Novella 

The Whisper

The Ireland Series (#4)

Cold Dawn

A Black Falls Novel (#3)

The Mist

The Ireland Series (#3)

Cold River

A Black Falls Novel (#2)

Cold Pursuit

A Black Falls Novel (#1)

The Angel

The Ireland Series (#2)

The Widow

The Ireland Series (#1)


A Cold Ridge Novel (#6)


A Cold Ridge Novel (#5)

Dark Sky

A Cold Ridge Novel (#4)

The Rapids

A Cold Ridge Novel (#3)

Night’s Landing

A Cold Ridge Novel (#2)

Cold Ridge

A Cold Ridge Novel (#1)

Shelter Island

A Cold Ridge Novella

The Harbor

Carriage House (#4)

Stonebrook Cottage

Carriage House (#3)

The Cabin

Carriage House (#2)

The Carriage House

Carriage House (#1)