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Autumn in Maine

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Joe and I recently visited Acadia National Park in Maine. We’ve hiked there many times but never in autumn. So beautiful! More inspiration for my Sharpe & Donovan series.


Autumn in Acadia National Park, Maine

Autumn in Acadia National Park, Maine

Jordan Pond trail, Acadia National Park, Maine

Jordan Pond trail, Acadia National Park, Maine



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We’re celebrating here on our hilltop in Vermont. It’s always so exciting to have a new book hit the shelves, so to speak. In HARBOR ISLAND, FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are back in Boston after several weeks in Ireland that started out with a romantic getaway and ended with…well, trouble. That trouble follows them home when Emma discovers the body of a woman on a small island in Boston Harbor. In the woman’s hand is a Celtic stone cross, the signature of an elusive thief the FBI and the Sharpes have been chasing for a decade.

While Emma and Colin search for answers in Boston and Maine, their boss, Matt Yankowski, is in Dublin looking for information on the thief and dealing with his missing, and estranged, wife, Lucy. My husband and I are just back from an extended trip to England and Ireland for research, writing, hiking and the occasional ‘taoscan’ of whiskey. We spent most of our time on the southwest Irish coast (where Emma and Colin sneaked away to a cottage owned by Irish priest Finian Bracken!), but we spent a few days in lively Dublin. I’ve mentioned the “doors of Dublin.”

Here are a few photos we took.

The best part of our trip, though, was introducing little Leo and Oona to Ireland. Here’s a picture of Oona with me at low tide. Life doesn’t get any better!


I hope you enjoy HARBOR ISLAND and these last days of summer. Hard to believe we’re starting to see red leaves on some of the trees…

Happy reading,



Midsummer London Flowers

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London Window Box

London Window Box

Last week, Joe and I spent a few days in London. We’d never been to London in July. It was as bustling as ever! We enjoyed the midsummer flowers in the “royal” parks and countless Mayfair window boxes. I snapped these shots on several of our walks.

I thought of Alexandra Rankin Hunt, the heroine of “Christmas at Carriage Hill,” my upcoming Swift River Valley e-novella. Alexandra, an British fashion designer, would appreciate a lovely window box, but she’s lately given up London for life in the bucolic Cotswolds. She’s designed the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses for the Christmas Eve wedding of Olivia Frost and Dylan McCaffrey (Alexandra’s newly discovered cousin) in little Knights Bridge, Massachusetts.

Of course, nothing goes quite as Alexandra planned when she heads to New England, especially when a certain RAF pilot gets himself invited to the wedding!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer, wherever you are.

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Springtime in the English Cotswolds

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What a great day this was in mid-April when we visited Hidcote Gardens in the rolling hills of the English Cotswolds. How to inspire a writer!

A beautiful spring day in the English Cotswolds

A beautiful spring day in the English Cotswolds






A walk on the south Irish coast

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We’re still deep in snow on our hilltop in Vermont. Waiting for March to turn into a lamb! Meanwhile here’s a photo I took last year on a sunny day on the south Irish coast, part of the “cliff walk” in Ardmore. So peaceful…sigh.

The beautiful cliff walk in Ardmore, Ireland

The beautiful cliff walk in Ardmore, Ireland

The importance (and fun) of creating a setting

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Today is “pub day” for CIDER BROOK, and I’m guest-blogging on the Barnes & Noble NOOK blog on the beautiful setting for my Swift River Valley series and its fictional Knights Bridge.



The Swift River Valley

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I took these photos on an autumn walk in the Quabbin woods. Such a beautiful place! It’s not far from my family homestead and the setting of CIDER BROOK, which goes on sale a week from tomorrow! Knights Bridge is a fictional town located on the edge of this incredible reservoir, formed when four small towns were cleared out and dams built to hold back three branches of the Swift River and Beaver Brook. Millions of people have pure, clear drinking water thanks to Quabbin.

How could I resist a very contemporary story about a pirate who might have buried treasure here 300 years ago? :-)






A walk in the English countryside

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Joe and I loved our first visit to the Cotswolds in September. What an incredible place to walk and walk and walk! And wander into charming tea shops. I don’t know which I like better, the warm scones or the clotted cream. It definitely helps to enjoy good, long walks after indulging in a Cotswolds afternoon tea.

A walk in the English countryside

Hiking the Kerry Way

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The Kerry Way is a 200 km posted walking trail on the southwest Irish coast, one of my favorite places. In my Sharpe & Donovan romantic suspense series, Irish priest Finian Bracken seeks solace on the Old Kenmare Road, a gorgeous stretch of the Kerry Way that runs through part of the Killarney National Park. Joe and I hike it whenever we’re in Ireland. Here’s a picture from two weeks ago!

Old Kenmare Road, Kerry Way, Ireland

Old Kenmare Road, Kerry Way, Ireland

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

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USA Today’s popular Happy Ever After blog asked three authors to list three things. Mine: my three favorite pizza toppings. You can also read the three words author Lucy Woodhull would use to describe herself and the three people author Linda Bennett Pennell would invite to dinner. Total coincidence: the heroine of my upcoming Swift River Valley novel is named Samantha Bennett.

Click here to read about three things!


Carla, always in the mood for pizza