Will Grit Taylor in the Black Falls series get his own story?

Grit’s the main character in “Cold Moonlight,” a short story that will appear in the upcoming anthology Love Is Murder, edited by Sandra Brown. I love Grit!


Do Hank Callahan and Antonia Winter have their own story in the Winter Family/U.S. Marshals series?

They do, indeed. “Shelter Island” is a novella that appears in On the Edge, an anthology that also includes novellas by the fabulous Heather Graham and Sharon Sala.


In what order should I read your books?

Most of my books can be read in any order without the reader getting hopelessly lost, but, personally, I’d read the Black Falls and Ireland books in order. You can find the order of my different series here.


Where do you get your ideas?

I used to know a writer who has an “idea drawer.” I don’t have one! Ideas come to me in different ways, often when I least expect it. I can be driving to the grocery, hiking in Ireland, on an elevator in Boston, cooking, gardening or sitting at my desk deliberately brainstorming. The trick is to figure out which ideas are worth developing!


What advice do you give to new writers?

Focus on writing the best book you can and don’t get too bogged down in the latest industry news and trends. Have fun, and cultivate a sense of abundance about your creativity.


Do you have a printable list of your books?

I do! You can find it here.


Are your category romances still available? Where can I get them?

I’ve written quite a number of category romances, including one of the six launch books for the popular Loveswept line. Some of these titles are, or will be, available in e-book format. Most can be found from time to time at used bookstores.


Are there large-print editions of your books available?

Yes, most of my single-title novels are available in large-print from Thorndike Press.


Are any of your books in audio?

Yes, many of my single-title novels are available in audio from Recorded Books.


How long does it take you to write a book?

It’s hard for me to say since an idea might percolate for a long time, often unconsciously, before I start to write. I’m also not a regimented writer, which makes keeping track of how long it takes more difficult.


Do you outline your books or are you a ‘seat of the pants’ writer?

I do a little of both…unless I don’t! It depends on the story and how it comes together for me.


I’m writing a book. Can I send it to you?

Sorry, I can’t, but I wish you the very best of luck with your writing!


How do I get an good agent?

You can start by checking out the website of the Association of Authors’ Representatives for basic information. Many writers conferences also offer opportunities to meet agents in person and pitch your book.


How do you come up with your characters?

Sometimes I wonder how characters find me vs. how I come up with them! If Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan (Saint’s Gate) knocked on my door, I’d recognize them immediately—they feel that real to me. I’ve played with dossiers and such, but most often what works best for me is throwing characters into a scene and letting them come to life on the page.


I’d love to meet you in person. Do you do book-signings? Will you come to my library or book club?

I enjoy meeting readers. You can find a list of my public appearances on my website “calendar.” Please feel free to e-mail me or my publicist, Nancy Berland with any requests. .